Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photo of the Day - Seventy Three

This photo is a spot that I have always wanted to stop and photograph.  It just screams to be explored.  However, I have no idea who owns it and whether or not that person would appreciate a photographer traipsing around their barns.  So, this photo I snapped roadside.

I'd love to get closer, to hold a photo shoot here, and just experiment with my camera.  Perhaps one day I'll figure out who owns these, because I don't want to risk boldly wandering around and making someone angry by trespassing.  Until then, a roadside photo will have to do! 


  1. Oh yes, a great site! I hope you find out who owns it, and they allow you to get closer!

  2. What an amazing find! The contrast of the red doors looks great in the winter, but against some green in the summer they may pop out even more. Love your photographs!

  3. Good thing you've found this place. It sure needs to be captured by the camera. Its winter wonderland.
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