Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Cards

Last year, shortly after Christmas, I took a photo with the distinct purpose of it becoming the subject of my Christmas cards the following holiday season.  Well, almost an entire year later I didn't forget about that photo and finally have been able to create the Christmas card I envisioned.

I edited this photo and added a couple of textures and, of course, the text.  It is a village home in the town of North Stratford, Vermont.  Many power lines had to be gingerly cropped out, but now you can't even tell.  I am beyond excited to see the end result when they arrive!

In fact, these cards are going to be the first thing I have ever ordered through my Smugmug gallery.  I was amazed at how I could customize the card and even type in a personal message inside! Creating the card was simple and the best part is that if you like it you can purchase it, too!  It can be found in the Greeting Cards gallery.  Disregard the other images for Christmas cards, because they say 2010.  At some point I will get around to removing them! 

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