Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Life of This Photographer

Well, it seems that this blog centered around my photography and photography tutorials has taken a slide as of late!  Of course I have a good reason...  motherhood is no easy task and certainly takes away from photo taking, editing, and publishing.  While I long for the hours of free time I once had to peruse back roads and tweak photos on my computer I find that what I really get is a few precious minutes a week to devote to my favorite hobby. 

Despite all the time that becoming a parent demands I have been getting better at doing a little bit here and there with my camera.  So far, though, this blog and my tutorials have fallen to the wayside. One thing at a time.  Slowly, but surely, I will get back in the saddle.  For now, to see what I am up to check out the NEK Photography Facebook Page

And here is one of my favorite recent photos...

A simple covered bridge, iconic to Vermont, on a narrow dirt road.  I am still out finding places like these!

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  1. I LOVE this pic! Since we got ZERO winter this year here in Nashville, your photo makes me happy. :)


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