Sunday, January 6, 2013

Photo of the Day - Seventy Four

For me this photo is all about perspective.  The tiny edge of a posted treeline was in the far back corner of a snow covered field.  When photographed in this perspective it takes your eyes a second to figure out what's going on in the photo.  That was my intention, to give the mind a second to sort out the scene. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Don't Sell Yourself Short

When starting out as a quasi-amateur/professional photographer its very tempting to say yes to almost every request placed before you.  The glimmer of getting one's name and photos out into the "real world" is pretty enticing.  Its easy to sell oneself short thinking thoughts like these...

"well, I'm not well known..."  

"I don't do this as my career"

"I have to get my work out there some how if I'm going to go far."

You get the idea.   While each statement holds a tiny bit of truth the reality is that even the most amateur photographer needs to hold some pride in their work and themselves.  There are offers that can be refused and there are prices you can stick firm to.  

Often I get emails asking to use my photos for one thing or another.  This presented a couple of challenges for me... what in the world should I ask for a price, and what should I ask for in return or as stipulation for use of a photo?  While there are no set prices for photo use and you really need to feel out what the person making the offer is willing to pay there is one aspect I refuse to bend on.

Giving credit where credit is due.

No matter how enticing an offer is you need to make sure that someway, somehow your photograph will be used in a way where it is credited to you as the photographer.  What most photographers do is art, not stock imagery.  If someone ever offers you to pay you for your image, but not necessarily give you credit do not accept the offer unless you are prepared to give up total rights to your work.  Lack of credit leads to anonymity.  While being anonymous doesn't bother everyone I highly stress for every fledgling photographer to avoid it.

You're worth a byline for your work, no matter what its used for.  

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Before and After - Thirteen

I only noticed this shot by chance as I turned around, reversing my course, as I walked through the town of Woodstock, Vermont. For a split second I noticed the church steeple perfectly framed underneath a maple tree branch and quickly snapped a shot.  

Once I saw this photo on my computer I decided to play around with it using a few textures.  It had been a while since I have done that, so I went ahead and dug out my old texture folder that I have and laid out a couple different ones over the photo.  With some tweaking here and there I wanted to give the photo a subtle older look, like so...

I like it with the textures.  It adds more character and drama.  The only thing I wish I thought about was erasing some of the texture over the church steeple, but in a way leaving it there adds to the wholeness of the aged feeling. 

Man, it feels good to spend some time being creative with my photo editing!  Its been a while...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Life of This Photographer

Well, it seems that this blog centered around my photography and photography tutorials has taken a slide as of late!  Of course I have a good reason...  motherhood is no easy task and certainly takes away from photo taking, editing, and publishing.  While I long for the hours of free time I once had to peruse back roads and tweak photos on my computer I find that what I really get is a few precious minutes a week to devote to my favorite hobby. 

Despite all the time that becoming a parent demands I have been getting better at doing a little bit here and there with my camera.  So far, though, this blog and my tutorials have fallen to the wayside. One thing at a time.  Slowly, but surely, I will get back in the saddle.  For now, to see what I am up to check out the NEK Photography Facebook Page

And here is one of my favorite recent photos...

A simple covered bridge, iconic to Vermont, on a narrow dirt road.  I am still out finding places like these!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Photo of the Day - Seventy Three

This photo is a spot that I have always wanted to stop and photograph.  It just screams to be explored.  However, I have no idea who owns it and whether or not that person would appreciate a photographer traipsing around their barns.  So, this photo I snapped roadside.

I'd love to get closer, to hold a photo shoot here, and just experiment with my camera.  Perhaps one day I'll figure out who owns these, because I don't want to risk boldly wandering around and making someone angry by trespassing.  Until then, a roadside photo will have to do!