Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Its The First of the Month!

November has passed and a new month has rolled around.  You know what that means?  Nothing to do with EBT cards or unemployment...  A new photo assignment has been announced!  

This month's assignment is "The Little Things"  referring to all the small things that equal the sum of what is great about the holiday season.  I am hoping that all of us can spend some time taking a step back from the whirlwind of holiday planning, family, and celebrating to notice the small, mundane, and forgotten things that are integral for making the season so enjoyable. 

To see more details about the assignment, enter your photos, and view the selections throughout the month please check out the Assignment Page! 


  1. What a great new assignment! Love it!

  2. Hey! Thanks for your comments on my SITS day post! :D

    Did you ever see my reply to your post about my etsy badge? I made it from images on my computer, and just uploaded them to to make the animation. Then I simply linked the .gif photo to my Etsy page, easy peasy.


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