Monday, November 29, 2010

Hand Stitched Digital Panorama

This is my second attempt at a panorama.  Its definitely one of the most time consuming tasks I can think of with a camera.  Not only do you have to get photos that 'work' to create a panorama, but it takes an incredible amount of time and attention to detail to stitch together so many photos. Matching not only features, but also exposure, are so incredibly important.  Matching exposure seems to be the most difficult thing.

So how do I get photos with relatively the same exposure?
Honestly I haven't figured it out.  I'll always admit when I don't know the answer... yet.  I've used Tv mode (or S mode for you Nikon users) with both the panoramas I've created and tweaked the minor exposure differences.  I've found that using manual mode creates metering problems in the extremes of bright or low lights.  I have no tried Aperture priority mode yet, which if you think about what the aperture is and how it works, is probably the best setting to try a panorama on.  When I attempt my next one I will use aperture mode and let you know how it goes!

But either way...
Here is my second panorama of 10 photos stitched together.  I call it "Snow Squall over Island Pond"

Click on the photo to view it much larger!

The cloud in the distance is a large, almost thunderstorm-like, cloud that produced an intense bout of snow for the better part of half an hour.  This time of year such weather is normal in Vermont.  We call then snow squalls.  They rush in furiously, creating almost white out conditions, disappear just as quickly, and you're left with sunshine wondering what just happened.  This last snow squall retreated just before sunset so it was a glow with the last rays of sunshine from the day. 

Oh, and because it was brought up the last time I talked about panorama photos...
I know there are programs that "create" panoramas for you just by loading your photos into them, but frankly I don't think the results are the same as ones hand created in Photoshop.  Its akin to the difference of a hand made quilt and a comforter your purchase at Wal-Mart that looks like a quilt, but falls apart in your washing machine the first time you try and clean it. 


  1. One day I'll have to take the time to learn how to make a panoramic photo. We had a big squall down here on the coast on Saturday night!

  2. Gorgeous image! And great job in stitching it all together, I know how difficult that can be.

  3. Gorgeous image and the stitching was really great!

  4. Your horse/lightning pic got picked for PW's group 5!!! WOOOOOHOOOOO I knew it would be! It's AWESOME!

  5. I love your analogy at the end of your post. I also like your hidden watermark.

  6. Thanks Rachel!
    And that watermark is another awesome thing about photoshop!


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