Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to Create a Black and White Photo - In Photoshop

Sometimes its very easy to have the eye trained on capturing color.  Sunsets, flowers, and the world we see in general is in vibrant color, but sometimes its easy to get stuck in that world and forget about what it would look like if everything was in black and white.  

Here I will show you easily how to desaturate a photo in Photoshop...  Not just ONE way, but TWO. 

To start, open your original photo you'd like to turn into a black and white image.  It doesn't have to be straight out of the camera.  This one is not.  I've already applied a few textures and tweaked it a little. 

The Black and White Layer Version:

1. Select the "create adjustment layer icon.

2. In the menu choose "Black and White"

3. When the box opens up tweak the levels to any degree you desire!  Experiment away.

Gradient Map Layer Version

1. Select the "create adjustment layer icon.

2. Select Gradient Map in the menu

3. Select the Black and White Gradient from the selections

How to erase what you just did - IE: Selective Coloring! 

Select the paint brush and make sure your brush color is black.  Black will conceal (get rid of) whatever changes you just made.  In this instance the black and white you applied will be concealed and the original color beneath will appear.  If your brush color is white you will then allow the changes to just made to be visible again.  You can literally paint in the changes you'd wish to make to the black and white layer you just applied!

And there  you have it!  A quick and easy way to turn your photos black and white.  Now go experiment!

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