Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Photo of the Day -Seventy

I took this photo a week ago when I was down in Maryland.  While walking the streets of Georgetown near Washington DC I stopped periodically to take several photos and practice my "urban photography".  I am not used to taking photos of buildings and such in close quarters or dealing with a ton of people in the area where I am trying to photograph...

It was actually a challenge to take this photo and required me to wait a good ten minutes to get a window where there was no one walking along the cobblestone road.  Since this is an HDR image (about four images of varying photos fused together to make one image) I had to have an even greater expanse of time where no one was walking into the photo.  

What I liked the most about shooting in the city streets was how you have to look at things completely different.  Instead of looking at the big picture, as one does with landscapes, it is important to look at the details and how everything comes together.  Lines and intricacies become very important.  I actually hope to test myself at more urban photography again soon.  

It's always good to branch outside of your normal subjects! 

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