Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Photo Assignment

Over on my other blog "Cabin Fever in Vermont" is where I host my monthly photography assignments.  This month marks ONE YEAR since I began the assignments.  Its grown from twenty or thirty photos a month in submissions to over a hundred.  That's amazing!

All month long I love checking what new photos have been uploaded to the FlickR page and then making selections to post on the contest page.  It always amazes me at the wide interpretation of each month's assignment and the creativity put into these photographs. 

Since my topic last year was "spring" and yet again, buried under three feet of snow, I am deeply longing for winter to end so I decided to choose a topic this month that heralds the beginning of spring; birds.  While I am no expert at photographing birds and have no attempted to seriously pursue that aspect of photography it is something that I know many of you enjoy!  When this snow begins to melt, if it ever melts, I hope to attempt to seek out birds to photograph myself. 

In the mean time, I look forward to your submissions!  Please check out the Photo Assignment page for complete details about the contest and remember, there are three prizes totalling $150 up for grabs every month for the winner and runner up photos!

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