Saturday, March 5, 2011

Before and After -Six

This photo edit was inspired by the Pioneer Woman's recent assignment "Sisters".  While I am fortunate enough to have two sisters I rarely have great photos of them, especially with myself in the picture.  Usually, if any photos are taken, I am the one behind the camera.  So I didn't have a lot of photos to work with considering how blessed I am with estrogen in my life.  I ended up choosing a recent photo of my youngest sister and I taken just a couple of months ago when she came for a visit.

This is the original photo, straight out of the camera.  I set the timer and carefully rested my camera on the snow covered railing of the covered bridge.  The whole time I prayed it wouldn't tip over the side and fall to the river below.  Thankfully it didn't and I snapped this lovely, simple little photo.  Actually, when it came to editing I thought this photo was so simple I wasn't sure what could really be done to enhance it greatly, but I gave it a try to see what I could come up with.

Here is the edited version:

Simple processing, an off centered crop that allows the bridge to draw your eyes to my sister and I, and a few light textured overlays that were erased from our faces and there you have it.  The texture of the wood on the bridge is so much richer and golden now and cropped at the waist there is more focus on my sister and I's faces.  I kind of want to frame this photo now. 

I did submit this to the assignment and it was chosen for group 4!  Every time a photo of mine is chosen I am amazed, especially this time.  I really thought, even after editing, this photo was too simple to be noticed.  It goes to show that sometimes sticking to simplicity isn't a bad thing when editing and will still allow your photo to stand out!


  1. Congrats Jen!! Love the processing on this. The texture is perfect!

  2. I saw this on group four, Congratulations! Great example of when less is more.


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