Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Photography as a Juxtaposition

I haven't featured other photographer's work on this blog before, mostly because the purpose of it has been to educate readers and depict my own photography, however that doesn't mean I don't often admire and follow other photographer's work.  Today I stumbled across a very interesting project by Mark Laita titled "Created Equal"

His works with this project depict two photos side by side of utterly opposite lifestyles or people that are beyond creative and intensely thought provoking.  Seeing his images make you laugh, smile, and contemplate our differences in a way that is uniquely different. 

An individual photo itself is not necessarily exceptional, but compared to its equally well composed opposite the message behind it is what captured me.  A photo may not be anything more than a simple portrait, but the message it conveys is far more profound.  

You can visit Mark's Website and see a collection of photos from this project here.  All his photos in this project are available in his book "Created Equal", which you can find on his website or Amazon.com.  

Enjoy exploring others' work!

*all photos in this post are property of and credited to Mark Laita*

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