Friday, February 18, 2011

The Difference a Season Can Make

Below are two photos taken from the same exact spot at roughly the same during the day in Danville, Vermont on Tampico Road.  One was this fall and the other was just a couple days ago.

It amazes me the difference between seasons and the details you notice depending on the seasons.  A rusting roof one season and fence posts leading the eye to the barn in another.  The same subject can be perceived completely different in a different climate.  Utilize those differences to your advantage, when taking photographs! 


  1. WOW! You are so right. In the second image the fences and the road were the first to hit my eye whereas in the first, it was the mountains.

  2. Very Cool!!! You take the most beautiful photos!

  3. The second one made me sad. White and gray. Im surprised that barn is still standing after the snow seeing as it already was missing most of the roof. I love all the colors in the 1st photo beautiful.

  4. Fall in Vermont has to be one of the most beautiful things a person can ever witness. We lived in MA for 15 years but moved to NY 10 years ago. While fall in NY is still very beautiful...nothing compares to New England fall. Gorgeous images.


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