Sunday, December 12, 2010

When Buyign a New Camera...

One of the most frequently emailed questions I receive deal with choosing a new camera.  Its a serious decision I rank up there with purchasing a car.  Since wonderment about camera purchases is so pervasive I decided to answer a couple common questions, especially since its the Holidays' and a lot of camera buying is going on!

There are a few important questions when you are considering buying a camera...

What are you going to take photos of?
If the answer is your family, kids, pets, and generally document your life then a lower end model would be perfect.  The more you spend won't make your family any more photogenic.

How often do you use a camera?
If you are like me and carry it around with you everywhere then a solid investment in a well researched camera, but if you only use it for special occasions or routinely lose it then consider a less expensive model.

How do you research a camera?
I am a fan of B&H Photo reviews, or reviews that feature actual customer reviews with their products.  When it comes to make a big purchase I find that people who have used the same product in real life situations provide more valuable insight than any company review could do.  

One you think you have settled on a camera, or are stuck between a two or three different ones, look up the owners manuals online and do some comparisons of the features and functionality to see which one would be the best fit for you.

Canon or Nikon?
Honestly, it doesn't matter!  Both are equally great cameras.  My only advice is if you start with one brand then stick with it. 

How much money should you look to spend?
SLR cameras aren't cheap, even when they are on sale.  The lower end models start around $500 and prices can escalate as high as several thousands of dollars. Unless you are a professional photographer or well educated in the intricate differences in each model I suggest starting with the lower end models.  An expensive camera doesn't make your photos any better or you a better photographer.  Sometimes people forget that.

Where should you purchase a camera?
I've bought cameras on many sites, including eBay, commercial stores, and strictly camera companies.  I recommend using a reputable retailer or doing significant research on a buyer, especially if using a site like eBay or Craig's List.  On those sites you may find exceedingly good deals, but you also run the risk of getting damaged, counterfeit, or incorrect products, if you even get them at all. 

Websites to purchase a SLR camera:
*****  B&H Photo  -- Specializes in cameras/photography.  Peer Reviewed Products. 
****  -- Competitive prices.  Peer reviewed products.
****   Best Buy  -- Offers kits.  Easy ordering and shipping.
***     Google Shopping Search  -- Scours entire web for stores, but may yield unreliable sites.

Remember when purchasing a camera that you need a lens!  (sounds obvious, right?) Often times you will find places that sell the camera body only and because these are cheaper it is easy to purchase just a body.  You'll discover when it arrives that you have a brand new camera, but no lens to go with it! 

Me and my camera when it was brand new... after several weeks of research. I know its not the highest end model, but I absolutely love it!  Hopefully you'll be just as happy with your camera purchase. 

Happy Shopping!

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