Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pondering a 365 Project

At the beginning of last year I noticed several photographers try and attempt a 365 project.  While I have yet to see one continue throughout the whole year, I am intrigued by the idea and thinking of trying it out myself.  Hopefully doing so will spur my creativity and force me to get behind the camera more, both of which I'd like!

If you have never heard of a 365 project it is just like it sounds.  Pertaining to photography, you post a photo every single day that deals with your theme.  Every day.  For an entire year.  Its quite a feat.  The hard part for me is coming up with an idea for a theme.

I've thought of several, but I can't decide.

  • The sky/clouds
  • Myself (not really liking that idea. Im too self conscious)
  • Cell phone photos
  • My dogs/cat
  • Colors, alternating each day of the week. (ie: red = Monday. orange = Tuesday. Etc)
  • A daily texturized photo
  • No topic/theme.  Just any photo taken that day.

Do you like any of those ideas or have another idea of your own?  

Please share your thoughts with me!  The idea has to be easy to do (for days when I am cramped on time), but fun enough to hold interest for an entire year.  I am definitely going to try and start this January 1st! 


  1. This sounds like fun...hard I'm sure, but fun! Good luck with the theme.

  2. I like the colors idea. That would give you a lot of choice for your subjects and yet provide a variety each day. I admire people who do a 365 day challenge, there are just some days when I don't have time to get out there and find something to photograph and then have time to upload it to a post!

  3. I like the no theme idea, I think it will allow you more creativity.

  4. I started a 365 this year and I'm 19 away from finishing. I would recommend not going with a theme because it's too confining. The project has been enjoyable for the most part, but frustrating on some days when I was stressed out with work or family. I've learned a lot and feel my photography has improved. It has really forced me to get creative and has also really opened my eyes to all the beauty in the world. :)

  5. Journal prompts....that would be my theme.

    Rather than a daily theme, I'd pick a monthly theme and go there.


  6. I would go with no theme. Just whatever caught your eye that day. I think as you look back through them they would create a journal of sorts.

  7. an idea for a theme (if you want to do a theme) is doing emotions or people or even revealing the extraordinary in the ordinary... just a few ideas!
    A 365 project is an awesome feat! I'm excited to see what you come up with! :)

  8. I started my 365 project last January 1 and haven't missed a day yet. In fact, it is the single best thing I have ever done for my photography.

    I didn't go with a theme, I took each as it came. What I did do was stock pile ideas and then several times I uses either my dogs or something like smoke trails that I could fall back on.

    Here's the link to my 365 project

  9. I'm not a photographer but I did start a 365 project last January just to force myself to practice with my SLR. I missed about 4-5 days but feel really good about accomplishing as much as I have. I didn't have a theme and am glad because I think that would have gotten boring. I say go for it!

  10. I will likely start a 365 in January, and I seriously considered doing a self-portrait theme. But, I think I'll just play it safe and go with no theme. The color idea sound like a fun one.


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