Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inspired Photos of the Day - Veterans Day

In honor of Veterans day a couple of photos that provoke deep thoughts of patriotism, to me anyway.

"Brothers"  Calias, Vermont.
ISO: 500       f/5.6     1/1250    112mm

"Fallen Leaves and Soldier"  Pomfret, Vermont
f/4      1/800      ISO: 125     44mm


  1. Did you photoshop the flag into the photo or was it really there? It seems to be floating, but there might be a faint hint of a flagpole but I can't really tell. Love the DOF and greenish bokeh just beyond the leaves.

  2. Thanks! Its not photoshopped. Just all natural bokeh and a really big aperture! It took me a while with the wind blowing to catch the flag just right, probably about twenty shots. I just wish the sun wasn't so dang bright and overhead. The leaves seem slightly over exposed to me, but then again I may be picking apart the photo too much :)

  3. Both photos are great, but I really love the first one! I passed by a cemetery this morning and planned to stop after work, so this gives me some inspiration. Thanks!


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