Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Make Your Photos More Interesting

There is something very simple you can do to make your photographs more outstanding.  In fact, its so simple if you haven't thought of it before you're going to laugh.  The trick is, its all about perspective.

Your perspective, as in vantage point of what you are photographing, makes all the difference in whether your photo is dramatic or drab.  So, before you snap your shutter make sure walk left, walk right, stoop down, and reach high, all while looking through your lens.

Here is an example of how perspective makes a different in what your photograph:

Two photos of the same barn taken only seconds apart, but at two different angles.

Which one looks more dramatic and of better perspective?
The second one does.

Why is that?
The first photo of the barn is a direct, "head on" shot of the barn.  There is no dimension to it since only one side, the broad side of the barn, is visible.  On the other hand, for the second photo I stepped about twenty feet to my left.  The barn transforms before my lens from 2D to 3D, a more pleasing view that ads dimension and depth. 

So, if you want to make your photos more interesting and dramatic all you have to do is remember to move around and change your vantage point.  Your camera and your body is very mobile!


  1. I agree, mostly. When focusing on the barn, the sencond photo is the best. You have a 3D view of the barn and it does add dimension and depth. But I like how the eye is drawn to the tree and the (water?) tower in the first one. I think the second is a more typical shot of the barn that I'd see. Maybe there's a reason for that though.
    I need to remember to move (me and) my camera around.

  2. Nice tip and great example! So hard to remember sometimes. :)


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