Saturday, July 24, 2010

Photo of the Day - Thirty One

This is a Macro HDR shot of a flower right at my work. The part I like best is the petals.  They seem to add to the flower rather than detract from it, despite being chewed on by insects.  Sometimes its the imperfections that make something more beautiful. 


  1. I love your photography! You take exceptional photos!!

  2. I second Tracey! Such a pleasure to behold your work!

  3. Great picture! I took a similar one this weekend, although not quite as nice as yours ;o)
    Did you achieve the blur with shallow depth of field only or did you do some post processing? What other post processing did you do? Do you use a macro lens?
    Sorry for all the ?s, I'm learning ;o)
    Love looking at your work, thanks.

  4. Thanks Sarah! This is an HDR photo, so it is multiple exposures combined to make one photograph of even light and contrast distribution. I did use a macro lens and the blur is because the aperture was set very low. Other than that this photo turned out so great it wasn't really post processed at all!

    Keep learning. I still am too. Thanks for asking your questions :)


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