Monday, August 29, 2011

Photo of the Day-Seventy One

Vermont has seen unspeakable flooding and destruction in the wake of Irene.  Many across the country have seen the videos and photos from my town and surrounding towns.  Fortunately my home and all my close friends were spared any damage, but not all were so lucky.  Numerous covered bridges have been washed away or mostly destroyed, like this one.  

Since I am hugely pregnant I did not venture out in the storm for photos, but rather waited until the next morning when the sun was shining and the waters had begun receding to capture a few images. 

This is what is left of the Quechee covered bridge this morning.  It's been grossly washed away and not much more than a shell remains.  While the photo is quite pretty, with the sun rays and mist giving the bridge a slight glow, it still saddens me to look at this photo.  The destruction is amazing, in the horrible sense of the word, but capturing a photo of such a negative event can be so important.  It will stand as a memory of what was. 


  1. My heart breaks for my beloved Vermont. The images I have been seeing are devastating. I'm so glad that you and your friends were spared. Thanks for posting this image. Reality can hurt sometimes :-(

  2. The flooding in Vermont is just heart breaking. I was just there last month taking photos of this beautiful bridge. My thoughts and prayers are with my neighbors. I'm glad you stayed safe through the storm.

  3. Came to your site to see if you were OK. I am so sorry for the destruction and loss of life from Irene. Being from Louisiana, I understand the sadness. I am glad that you were safe. Great picture as usual. My prayers are with you for a happy delivery when the time comes. Take care!


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