Sunday, July 10, 2011

Before and After -Ten

There is nothing I love more than daisies.  They are not only my favorite flower in general, but they are great to photograph and even better to play around with in editing programs.  This is the time of year where daisies and black-eyed-susans, a cousin to the daisy, are blooming across fields and shrubby areas free from the wrath of lawn mowers. 

Here is a photo of a little line of daisies amidst some purplish grass I took the other day...  

This is straight out of the camera before I started editing and flinging textures at it to see what came out.  Pleasing enough, but I liked an edited version much better...

The darkness, the lines, the crop... it all seems to fit much better and make the colors pop even more so.  Literally it took 2 minutes to edit this in Photoshop.  I used a texture labeled "Square-4" from Shadow House Creations New Square Texture set.  I overlayed it at 90% and then cropped the photo as you see it.  Ta-da.  Literally.  That's all it took.  Sometimes creating a drastically different, yet wonderful edit can be so simple while other times can take upwards of an hour.  This was one of the simple times. 

And its now my desktop background.   For now, until I take and or edit a new photo! 


  1. Beautiful work!

    BTW - I've missed our comments lately! ;) Haven't seen you in a while. But then again, I was away for a while too! You look so adorable!

  2. How did I not realize that you have a photography blog also? Yay!!

  3. The Photo is awesome. I just love Daisies, they are such a happy flower. The rest of your photos.. WoW !! Love your photography, did not realize it was another blog either. Keep up the awesome work. I have already begun to pick out some new art prices.

  4. I love it! Daisies are also my favorite, they just make me happy! I finally planted some this year in hopes of being able to photograph them. But they are a little behind, and haven't even grown buds yet. Hopefully, they'll make it to next year. I guess I'll just enjoy yours until then!



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