Monday, May 2, 2011


I never even considered being lumped in as a travel blog, however Deep Dish Creations did just that!  Reasoning that my photography inspires one to want to visit the incredibly beautiful state of Vermont my blogs, this one and my "daily life" blog Cabin Fever in Vermont, were added to a very short list of "Vermont's Best Travel Blogs".  

I am humbled and happy.  Recognition as a photographer, especially in this age where everyone and anyone has a digital camera, and an internet connection, is very hard to come by.  While I still consider myself mostly a hobbyist I still secretly hold aspirations to one day have my own gallery and be a well respected photographer.  Whether that happens or not is unknown and certainly a distance dream, but a dream none the less.

Until then I thank all of you who email me, leave comments, and appreciate my work.  When it eventually filters back to me I am beyond happy and even more inspired to venture out with my camera.  

So of course, here is another photo to share with you, just because.  

A farm in along Ely's Crossing (Fairlee, Vermont) along route 5 as viewed from the Interstate. 

Would you guess this was taken with my phone? I quickly snapped this on my way to work.  Sheer luck, right through my passenger window (hence the tiny streaks you might be able to see), but I still love this photo.  I only wish I was able to actually stop and pull out my real camera and capture it more appropriately.  

Have no fear, though...  I have been out with my camera recently and have quite a few photos to share!  Keep you eye out for them on my NEKPhotography Facebook Page and here on this blog in the next few days!

Also, don't forget to check out this month's photo assignment!  It just began!


  1. HUGE Congratulations! How exciting! I'm over here doing a happy dance for you. It is always so wonderful to have your talent acknowledged. You, my friend, are spectacularly talented.

  2. I can totally see why they put you on the Vermont Travel blog category. I have learned a ton about Vermont scenery from your photography!


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