Saturday, February 5, 2011

Before and After - Five

 I took this photo through my front windshield sitting in a parking lot.  It was cold, below zero, and that seems to cause all the birds to huddle together.  Whether its for warmth or sheer company in their frozen misery I am not sure.  

Either way, this plain looking, not so good photo, ended up being fun and easy to work with.  As always, the end result is not too much like the original...

Honestly, not much was done to adjust the exposure and other settings, (ie: levels/brightness/conrast) rather I added a couple textures and cropped the nuisance trees out of the photo.  It almost looks like a good flier for an invitation or open house, perhaps. 


  1. I just love your before and afters!, keep 'em coming. I love the textures you used for this too.


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