Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Photo of the Day - Fifty Six

A simple photo of a few cattails at the edge of the lake after a dusting of morning snow.  
It was initially underexposed and boring.   

Here is the original.

After some playing around in photoshop and adding a few textures here is the end result.   


This is one of the things about post-processing that I love.  You can 'salvage' a photo that didn't turn out as planned.  Not only does it give you some leeway when it comes to perfecting your camera setting, but also it affords you more creativity when 'developing' your photo!  Photography has officially moved from the darkroom to the desktop.


  1. Great transformation. The light dusting of snow provided for a lovely subject!

  2. I love this picture and it makes me think of my late Grandmother. She loved Cattails!! Thank You

  3. I love the editing you applied to this. The detail in it is beautiful.

  4. WAY cool! I can't wait to learn Photoshop!


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