Friday, November 19, 2010

Fix it Friday - 78

A great challenge that I love to do when I get the chance!  This week's photo was full of color and an interesting point of view of a little boy and the challenge is to "fix it" and make it even better with some post processing.  Oh, how I love post processing!

Here is the original

I immediately knew what I liked about the photo, so many things!  The bokeh, the colors, and the angelic little face with perfect focus.  Just look at those lashes?  Editing it was great fun! After some tweaking here is my end result.

Here are the steps I took when editing this photo in Photoshop
  1. Adjusted the levels
  2. Created a duplicate background layer and sharpened it, twice.
  3. Upped that saturation in a layer mask, but decreased it on the skin.
  4. Created two separate contrast layer masks, one for the face and the other for the rest of the photo
  5. Warmed the photo
  6. Adjusted the curves
  7. And finally, cropped it closer to the face
And of course, a couple more edits of the same exact photo done a couple different ways.

Simple Black and White Contrast

Reduced saturation, channel mixer, and a white texture overlay

Which photo do you like best?  As always, I love to hear your feedback!
To see other entries and read all about "Fix it Friday" be sure to visit the I Heart Faces website!


  1. such a dreamy look... I really like the porclein!

  2. I love all your edits! Nice work!

  3. I really love the b&w version. Nicely done (as always!).

  4. All are really nice, but I think the porcelain is the best of the shots...nice, understated and you focus on his face and lashes. The one with the punched up color seems a little overdone to me. But that may be just me. Beautiful work.

  5. I like the black & white and your first color edit version. I just hate that you lost much of the bokeh in the processing. Anyway to preserve it?

  6. Love the soft quality you gave to these ... the b/w, and porcelain are very nice ... I think I like the porcelain the best! :) Awesome job on this image!


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