Monday, October 11, 2010

Photo of the Day - Forty Nine

(you can click the photo to view it larger)
F/22    1/320    ISO800  109mm

This photo is the reason I take my camera with me everywhere.  I was on my way from job one to job two early in the morning when I was captivated by the low fog clinging in the valley.  Just before I reached work I took a detour down near the river and saw this scene.  The fog was rising off the river and shrouding the village in a misty cloak that left only but a few buildings visible.  I paused for a moment with my camera and took in the scene before heading off to work.  This photo has to be one of my most favorite photos I've ever taken.  The fog, the lens flare, the barn cupola barely visible.  Its so New England.  Its so perfect.


  1. This photo truly looks like a painting. Beautiful fog!

  2. This shot is beautiful. It's the type of shot that makes me want to get out there and take more photos. Again, beautiful and it does look like a painting, one that would be on display.

  3. This is absolutely outstanding! Yes, definitely one of your best. Wow - it's spectacular.

  4. This image is truly beautiful. The only thing I would change is the small blue bit in the upper right could be considered a little distracting and doesn't fit with the "mood" of the image. Good job.

  5. I looks like something out of a story book. Absolutely gorgeous.

  6. LOVE textured photography! I visited your other blog recently, but this one is a treat for sure. (Thx for joining my Seedplanter Designs blog, btw. I was glad to see you'd connected!)

    Keep taking these dailies. I am awed by the beauty.


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