Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photo of the Day - Fifty Two

Its always fun trying to look at things through a different perspective, like this old Maple.  One of the best things about fall are the colors.  Photographers, including myself, clamor over themselves to capture to best and most vibrant color of the season.  With a flash drive full of colorful and wonderful images I decided to change my perspective and remove the spectacular color. 

What do you think?  
I kind of like it even more with the stark contrast and simplicity of blacks and whites. 


  1. i like it in black and white...very nice!!

  2. In this particular case I prefer the color.

    On the B/W version, I like the bark and rocks "as is" but I'd like a bit more tone in the leaves on the left side. With that adjustment I might switch my vote from the color to the B/W.

    Love your work. You and I shoot similar subjects. If I shot some of these scenes I'd shoot them the same way you do (cropping, angles, etc.)

    With more practice I'm hoping my skill approaches yours. Take a look at mine at and see if you agree.

  3. I like the color too...only because it's a brilliant yellow. The other pix is artsy and cool. But the color really gets me.

  4. Very nice work Tom. There are definitely some similarities in our styles! I think your macro lens may be better than mine as well :) Thank you for your nice compliment! I am always flattered to hear that people enjoy my work.

    And I had a little trouble with the leaves. I'm not 100% happy with them myself, but every adjustment I made seemed to make them fade.


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