Monday, October 25, 2010

Photo of the Day - Fifty Three

f/8      1/60     ISO 640      41mm

This is a simple point and shoot photo.  In fact, I just stopped my car right in the road and snapped the shutter.  Its a scene I see every time I drive to work and this was the first time I made the effort to photograph it.  I'm not sure why it took me so long.

I love this house.  My husband refers to this place as "Nelson Wade's".  It used to belong to a man by that name, but he has long since passed on.  The name still seems more than fitting enough to stick, though. For some reason I always think that this house looks prettier in the fall after the leaves are gone, the grass has turned brown and dead, and frost and snow flies.


  1. What a pretty picture!
    Also liked your post about the weather and its inpact on photography! So true, I had an especially rainy weekend a couple of weeks ago in Venice - it was a challenge :)
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  2. You live in a beautiful spot! Thanks for posting what you have your camera set at it helps those of us who are trying to learn how to do this.

  3. You truly do have amazing scenery! I can understand how sometimes, things/scenes see 'common' to us, and we don't realize that they are not common to others.


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