Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Photo of the Day - Thirty Six

Wild Ponies on Assateague Island.  One has a passenger resting on his (her?) back.  This photo was given a warm glow and a soft blur  because in reality the sun was incredibly harsh and bright and temperatures were approaching 100 degrees. 


  1. I love the blur, it adds to the calmness of the picture.

  2. Someone's hitching a ride. hehe Great capture.

    By the way - when you do your photo a day project, do you make yourself take a new photo each day or do you strive to post a new photo each day? Just curious, cuz I'm thinking of starting something like this.

  3. Misty,
    I honestly don't have a structure when it comes to my "photo of the day". They aren't posted every day, heck sometimes its only once or twice a week! I wish I had time or the ability to do it every day.

    Mostly it is a way for me to share photos that may/may not end up on my website. The best thing about it, though, is that it makes me get out with my camera more often than I would if I didn't do it because I feel obligated to keep adding photos!

    Hope you try something similar and keep at it :)


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