Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Photo of the Day - Thirty Four

'55 Ford
HDR photograph. 

I took over 300 photographs at a local car show we competed in with our mustang.  There were so many impressive automotive accomplishments that I couldn't help using up so much space on my memory.  This truck was one of my favorites and the way the photograph came out reminds me of those old calendars my grandfather used to have in his garage. This truck was red, beyond red, and shinier than I ever thought it was possible to get a clear coat of paint to shine. It placed a well deserved first in its class. 

...there will be more photos from this day to follow!


  1. This is completely awesome! I wish I lived near you and could have you teach me how to do HDR... in language I can understand.

  2. I love the HDR. It is so over my head to achieve myself.

  3. Love your blog! My parents have a house in NEK and I go there every summer. I can't wait to go there this year and take pictures.

    I love your HDRs, I have yet to play around with them but they look really cool!


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