Monday, August 16, 2010

Photo of the Day - Thirty Eight

Shawn laughed at me when I put this flower into our grocery cart.  Yes, I bought a sunflower at the grocery store.  He doesn't understand my reasoning.  Maybe he will after he sees this photo.  Sometimes, inspiration takes a little planning.  I also don't have the time to plant and maintain fresh flowers.  Next year, I always say I will attempt to grow flowers next year. 

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  1. How did you do that frame. I LOVE it! I love sunflowers as well. I think I want to plant some in an area that I can just let them go, then in a few years, OK maybe like ten, I'll have a wild sunflower patch. I just can't help but look at them and be happy.

  2. My husband bought me flowers recently that had a big sunflower in it, like yours. He's good like that ; )

    So many photographic possibilities with sunflowers! I like your view!

  3. I really like the water droplets on the flower...and there is nothing wrong with buying a sunflower!


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