Saturday, July 3, 2010

Photo of the Day - Twenty Five

I love this photo.  This is a country store just a few miles from my home.  Not only is the store quite quaint, but the sign out front really depicts exactly the kind of people it caters to. Worms, sandwiches, and cold beer.  What more does a fisherman need?

This is an HDR photograph that I took free hand, without a tripod, standing on the edge of the road across the street.  True to all small towns (this one boasts a population in the few hundreds) a woman came outside to ask me "why the heck are you taking a photo of the store?" thinking I was up to some sinister doings.  She looked at me funny when I told her "The store just looks neat!" and then went back inside because she did not want to be photographed, which was fine with me.  In post processing of this photo a texture was added to give the image a more yellowed and antiquey feel.  I quite like it.  Don't you?


  1. I was under the impression that a HDR photograph was one that was so large that it had to be pieced together, so why exactly would you apply this technique to this subject?...

    I think this is a great gives a great feel for the ambience that exists around small town general stores (I imagine the texture helps with regards to this?)

    very nice!

  2. was this featured on Pioneer woman's contest? it looks familiar!?

  3. Tally,
    Yes this photo was featured in The Pioneer Woman's "America" contest!

    HDR actually stands for High Dynamic Range. It has nothing to do with the size of the photo, but rather the light and contrast. In an HDR photo the light and contrast (highs and lows of a photo) are more accurately captured and represent what the eye sees. This prevents washed out skies and over dark shadows that you have in normal photos with a lot of contrast.
    Hope that clears things up!

  4. thanks; it's a great photo!


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