Friday, July 16, 2010

Fix it Friday

The website "I Heart Faces" hosts a challenge every Friday where they post a photo that could use a little "fixing" to make it just a little bit better.  This week I just had to participate in the challenge because the photo was of an adorable little girl and I saw so much potential in the photo.  Here is the original...

It is a great photo that looked like it was just quickly snapped in a backyard on a lazy day.  She looks so relaxed and like she is having fun, definitely not a formal photo shoot!  But after a little post processing the photo can be perked up quite a bit!  Here is my editing...

(You can click on all the photos to view them larger!)

How I edited this photo
  1. Cropped the photo so the focus was on the face
  2. Decreased the contrast of the face only using a layer mask
  3. Increased the contrast of the total photo
  4. Dodged the eyes to bring out a little brightness
  5. Burned the edges of the hair to give it more definitions (so it didn't fade into the background)
  6. Adjusted the curves so the midtones were softer.
  7. Reduced the saturation very slightly. (The colors are intense with the contrast increased!)
  8. Adjusted the levels so the shadows and midtones were slightly stronger. 

And here are some more variations of the edited photo above using other techniques. 

Sunshine Glow

Vintage Fade


This week was a great challenge!  I had fun editing this photo and what a cutie this girl is.  Honestly, I think my favorite of the bunch is the "Antique" photo.  There is just something about the oldness that is striking.   Or maybe its the first edited one that pops with color?  I can't decide  They are all so cute!  Which one do you like best?!  Each person's eye is so different.  I love hearing your opinions. 

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  1. I agree. I love the antique. Great job!

  2. The antique would have to be my favorite as well!

  3. Would love to know how you dodge the eyes? I'm still an amateur with photoshop!

  4. Definitely the antique! She looks like a little dolly dingle paper doll!


  5. My vote is certainly for the antique. Good job.

  6. I love the antique shot as well as I prefer the original over the edited. Great job.


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