Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Next Photo Assignment?

This month's photo assignment is about to come to an end!  There have been some wonderful bokeh entries that I are utterly amazing.  Its definitely going to be tough to choose one photo from the group to win a copy of "Complete Digital Photography the Fifth Edition".  The book has already arrived and let me tell you, it is an AMAZING text! Its filled with incredible insight and education as well as some breathtaking photos and how-tos.  

On July 1st I will announce the next monthly photo assignment, but I haven't quite decided on a topic!  I am looking for some input as to what topic you'd most like to participate in this month so please read the ideas and vote for your favorite. 

About the Ideas for July's Assignment:

Black and White:  Everything in shades of gray.  Will challenge the photographer to look at lights, darks, and contrast rather than the world as we see it in color. 

Its about the details:  Rather than focusing on the big picture and large subjects this assignment will challenge the photographer to focus on the details of a large subject.  Photos will be composed focusing on the details that are often over looked. 

Motion and Speed:  Movement is a challenge to capture and compose, whether its stop action or a blurred effect.  This assignment will challenge the photographer to think fast about the camera's shutter speed and composition of a photo. 

Geometry:  Despite what you thought in high school, geometry does have a place in the real world and photography!  This assignment will cause the photographer to use lines, angles, and shapes to create a pleasing photograph. 

Which is your favorite idea for July's Photo Assignment?
Thank you for your input! 
I can't wait for the next assignment to begin.  Not only will you get to see possibly your own and other great photos featured, but there will be at least one, possibly two, chosen photos next month that will receive a prize as well!

If you have a prize you'd like to offer (ie: a print, product or service) of your own please contact me.   You can sponsor the assignment, which  is seen by thousands of people throughout the month.  Your website/service will appear at the top of the assignment page all month long!

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