Friday, June 4, 2010

Fix It Friday

This week's "Fix it Friday" hosted by "I Heart Faces".  Every week they host a photo that needs a little fixing or post processing.  This week was another darling baby that had a lot of potential.  Here is the original photo, below.

 It is a lovely photo, but at an odd angle.  When you look at it you almost want to turn your head.  I had a good time editing this one and it actually turned out to be a little challenge! The edited photo(s) are below.

This is my favorite of the edited photos.  I love the faded and soft colors.

How I edited this photo:
  1. Rotated the photo counter clockwise 90 degrees.
  2. Reduced the hue and saturation significantly.
  3. Adjusted the levels so there are less dark tones.
  4. Reduced the contrast significantly and upped the brightness slightly
  5. Adjust the color significance through the channel mixer so the general colors were toned down.
  6. Adjusted the Curves slightly.
  7. "Burned" the lips and the foot slightly. 

And here are a couple other versions of the same photo

Vintage Fade
I know I always seem to do a 'vintage' edit each week, but I just love that photo style!

Black and White

Which one is your favorite edit? I love to hear your comments and advice!

To see more "Fix it Friday" edits and entries please visit the "I Heart Faces" website.


  1. The first, soft and faded photo is very unique! I've been traveling around to all the links for Fix it Friday and many edits (including mine) are all turning out pretty much the same so it's refreshing to see something different. I also really like your black and white version.

  2. I really really love your first edit! It looks great!


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