Sunday, April 18, 2010

Newest of April's Collection

I've finally had the time (between work and school and life!) to organize, sort, and post my most recent photos for this month!  Since the snow has melted, but the trees have not yet sprouted leaves I've centered on sunsets as a subject.   The Northeast Kingdom has been blessed with some spectacular sunsets as of late and I've been blessed with the good timing and placement to capture them.

Much of my photo adventures in the past few weeks have been rather spontaneous.  Looking out the window or deviating from my current plan to run off with my camera for a few minutes.  Practically zero planning has gone into where and when my latest photos have been snapped.  Its been more luck and spontaneity than anything.

Perhaps it is the spontaneity of sunsets themselves that I love the most, as they are always changing and morphing before disappearing right before your eyes.  The same could be said for sunrises, but I am usually never up earlier than the sun without a purpose that takes me away from my camera.

If you would like to see the complete collection, including my latest photos, they have been added to the catalog and the galleries on my web page. 


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