Thursday, April 29, 2010

How I Took This Photo - Macro Waterdroplet

If you haven't already heard....
Today I my macro lens arrived!  It is a Canon EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact-Macro Lens.  Since I got my hands on it I have been experimenting with it like any good photographer should. 

This photo was my absolute favorite out of all the ones I took today.  You can see some of my other macro photographs from today here.

 Macro Lens.  ISO400  1/1600    f/2.5

How this photo was taken...
  • Select an ISO setting appropriate for the amount of light.  For this photo I used ISO 400. 
  • Set the camera to shutter priority (Tv or S depending on your camera make).  
  • Select a fast shutter setting (a high number).  The fast shutter setting allows you to catch the drop in motion.  This setting also allows for the camera to automatically control the aperture.  If you want to manually control the aperture then set it to a low setting, preferably the lowest allowable for the lighting. My shutter speed was set at 1600 for this shot.  That's as fast as it would allow given the light.
  • Positioning.  I moved the leaf behind where I noticed the drop was falling and crouched down in a squatting position almost at ground level.
  • Manually focus your camera in on where the drop hits the surface.  
  • Hold down your shutter and keep holding it down.  Let your camera take many many photos without moving.  I took probably 100 photographs (not kidding) and this was the only one of the splash.
  • Sort through all your photos to find the best one!
 And if you don't have a macro lens?  You can still take a photo similar to this!  Make sure you get very close to your subject, focus in on it clearly, and set sure your aperture is as low as it will go (smallest f-stop number). 

That sounds simple, right?  If not I'd be glad to help you understand it more.  Just contact me.  And if you were successful in catching a droplet of your own please share the link to your photo in a comment below.  


    1. is there somewhere I can go to read about the f-stop aperture to understand what the words mean? I am very new to photography and those words don't mean anything to me? Very Confused...


    2. I am working on a very nice little article that covers most all of the basic terms and aspects of photography. Hopefully it will be posted soon! I'm revising it and adding example photos right now. :)

    3. oh good. Can't wait to have it to read!


    I love and appreciate all comments! If you have a question please ask away and I will certainly reply.